#include Discord Moderation Guidelines


It is important that all users’ questions, answers and comments are in line with the #include Discord Code of Conduct, as well as with the category and topic, or channel, they belong to. When deciding to approach a user, moderators and administrators must always assume intentions are good, which is usually the case. Over-moderation is harmful to the atmosphere of the community and should be avoided.

Expectations for moderator enforcement

While in practice most actions from moderators and administrators will be friendly reminders, they should act on complaints/reports quickly and involve other team members if necessary. They should take appropriate, usually private, action if they see any abuse or harassment. They must be sensitive to cultural differences, time zones, etc., but take prompt action when necessary. A moderator is one who exists to serve the community.

Suggested strategies for moderators when dealing with observed violations

Moderators will use their judgement to decide how to respond to a violation to the Code of Conduct.

Derived from the GoBridge Addendum to the Go Code of Conduct.