• Language and Communication - and why language matters
    • Developers don’t just write code. We write documentation, emails, and much more. We type in chat windows with our colleagues and friends and we speak aloud, in casual and more formal settings, about our work and our code. The language we use in those contexts matters.
      Sometimes we accidentally exclude other people with the words and pictures we choose, or make them feel lesser or hurt. In this section we talk about language, how it matters, and how to use it in an inclusive and welcoming way.
  • Articles
    • In addition to very specific resources on language, hiring, and so on we have found many “overview” articles that span multiple categories.
  • Inclusion and Accommodation
    • Conferences, websites, organizations, and workplaces can unwittingly exclude people who differ from the mainstream. This section collects resources to help include more people by accommodating differences.
  • Domains
    • Many people may be working to change something specific, such as a conference, or their hiring process, to be more welcoming and inclusive. We have gathered some inclusion-specific resources for particular areas.
  • References
    • In this section we link to reference material on the C++ language itself, chosen by members of our Discord server. We also have links to other organisations that promote inclusion and diversity.

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