February 28th 2023 Transparency Report

In January, #include <C++> received a report of multiple allegations against an Organiser.

None of the allegations were related to behaviour on this server, at #include <C++> events, or while representing #include <C++>. #include <C++> is committed to encouraging historically disadvantaged people in C++, and takes reports of this kind very seriously. Our Code of Conduct is on our website.

After reviewing the reported incidents, and receiving a report from the CoC team of one of the conferences involved, the #include <C++> Code of Conduct team has decided that these incidents displayed a problem understanding boundaries or a problem respecting them. As a result of these deliberations, we have removed all roles of #include <C++> authority and trust from the Organiser. The former Organiser will retain access to our public technical channels.

For details of role terminology used in this report, please refer to this page.